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2015-07-16 14:44 source: network Author: anonymous Click: according to the National Bureau of statistics 2015 June, total retail sales of social consumer goods 24280 yuan, representing a nominal increase of 10.6% (after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 10.6%, unless otherwise specified below are nominal growth). Among them, the retail sales of consumer goods above Designated Size amounted to 12009 yuan, an increase of 7.8%. according to the National Bureau of statistics 2015 June, total retail sales of social consumer goods 24280 yuan, representing a nominal increase of 10.6% (after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 10.6%, unless otherwise specified below are nominal growth). Among them, the retail sales of consumer goods above Designated Size amounted to 12009 yuan, an increase of 7.8%. in 2015 1-6 months, the total retail sales of consumer goods 141577 yuan, an increase of 10.4%. Among them, the retail sales of consumer goods above Designated Size amounted to 66256 yuan, an increase of 7.4%. In June, retail, retail units above the limit 11308 yuan, an increase of 7.9%, including garments, textiles retail sales of 106 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 9.4%. In retail sales, 1-6 months, more than 62306 yuan retail units above the limit, an increase of 7.4%. The textile, clothing and shoes, retail sales of 637 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 10.7%. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)After the domestic Sneaker called "wind drag" of the Nike Solo Slide in black and white, black and white started offering and rare stars jordan shoes online sale color, will be listed in the near future a new white color. The iconic Foamposite shoe body is with reflective effect of silver build, black lining collocation crystal bottom, simple and beautiful. It is reported that the Nike Solo Slide will be officially listed recently. 1410116446185_720x450.jpg (70.47 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Solo Slide new silver wind drag version 2014-9-8 08:49 Nike Nike Solo Slide upload, 00The item: 631733-004Price:NIKE recently released a new Air Max 24/7 2011 Nike Eggplant saw the color purple, do you think the purple spray ever released, purple wind 1, Hyperdunk Big Nike High purple eggplant, eggplant purple, and exposed to Nike Zoom Kobe V Sample "Eggplant" and the upcoming color purple eggplant Nike Air 1/2 Cent, it is used Eggplant purple, NIKE must be Eggplant eggplant purple color in the end, this time in the 2011 New Nike Air Max 24/7 again using this color, a little the meaning, but I believe zikong fans must tread on air, this new product will be on sale next spring, love friends can be used as a reference. 's performance during the Lakers believes many supporters will be disappointed, and Kobe's absence has left the Lakers looking increasingly out of focus. , however, Nike's support for Kobe is still firm, and it has deliberately carved Air, Flight, Huarache, and PE for it, and the colour of the Lakers is the color of the team - purple and yellow. Does remind you of Kobe's years of wearing shoes? there is no specific release information, let us pay attention together. Hakki stone waiting for the lau Retro jordans for sale nch of its signature wearing adidas boots? 2015-09-21 10:55:28 This summer exposed the biggest news than Harden left Nike to switch to adidas, and with adidas signed a $ 200 million 13-year super big contract, not only won the purse is full, it is Taylor. Also in the global sneaker brand Harden highly anticipated launch signature shoe, but in this offseason, Harden although always appear in our field of vision, but the number of times the foot adidas is really pitiful. Paparazzi before being photographed with the Kohler. Kardashian is wearing the shopping to Air Jordan 5, which allows many friends stunned ah. We hope Hakki stone to an early "change of heart", let us see him wearing adidas boots battle arena figure. & nbsp; Nike Air Foamposite One Camouflage tushang 2013-12-08 22:58:14 camouflage color will launch the NSW Department of shoes, Nike Air Foamposite One camouflage spray unique one-piece design, plus very chic details of the performance, we have not quite to spray camouflage heart? The & nbsp; Nike Air Force 1 Downtown will and Nike Air Foamposite One two simultaneous release, what camouflage control are we waiting for? Quickly into action. Nike Flyknit Air Max 2014 spring new color preview 2014-02-24 21:00:02 at the end of this year, Nike Running blockbuster released a whole new generation of revolutionary running shoes - & nbsp; Nike Flyknit Air Max, Nike shoe combines its two proud of science and technology, Flyknit Air Max shoe technology and can Visibility cushion. Nike recently also for the upcoming spring quarter of 2014 introduced two ne cheap air jordans online w color, a friend might want to start early reference. As North America's largest trade show shoes Sneaker Con has become a global sneaker's expectations, earlier they had successfully held two exhibitions in Los Angeles and New York metropolitan cities, the exhibition has also been under a final site selection objects They will travel to 29 August Cobo Center in Detroit! I believe this is also a glow new vitality into this famous Motown and efforts, it is learned that the exhibition hours are from 12:00 to 7:00 evening, the ability to feel the presence of a friend might be friends.original trend of the brand Randomevent recently released 2016 spring and summer series first wave shape Lookbook, in the "MAJOR FORCE A" theme to convey the new season look forward to. The Randomevent new design is still around three urban daily and street style expansion, Vol.1, Randomevent were released in white, blue and white as the main theme of the clause 9 of single product, including shirts, jackets, coats and trousers, the use of nylon yarn, canvas, cotton and other types of material to build and ensure excellent texture also without loss of permeability, this season was undoubtedly not to be missed the sincerity of the series. After reading this series modeling Lookbook, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to Randomevent. July Nike has launched a bold challenge Nike Air Diamond Turf red color, the August re launched a Nike Air Diamond Turf hero Blue / Black / grey wolf new shoes in the full sense of the heroic vitality blu Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e and black matte leather shoe body color, Swoosh, inner ornament the gray wolf low-key color, white bottom in the same Riding Wolf grey and black rubber outsole. The overall color fresh and full of vitality, new item 309434-008, in August 31st to $120 sale price, please pay attention to the love of friends. Download (189.74 KB) 07-6-14 , Jeff and Kobe after meeting, understand the training method of Kobe in the course of the indomitable spirit and outside. Kobe knows how to perform better in the game, and outside training is especially important. His training methods were adjusted from time to time to help him improve his athletic abilities in all aspects. It was his tenacious and indomitable spirit that made him win a great competitive advantage in the competition. As for the design of the Zoom Kobe Trainer, the full line of the Kobe conveys the spirit of Jeff. Zoom Kobe Trainer is more flexible than regular basketball shoes, and its design revolves around all aspects of the discipline Kobe, including aerobic training to weight training.?? one-year RMB loans benchmark interest rate by 0.27 percentage points, in addition to the six major bank deposit financial institutions RMB deposit reserve ratio by 1 percentage points; experts said, "interest rate portfolio" is intended to prevent the economic downturn, rather than the "rescue" - reporter Li Weiling from Beijing experts said the move means that in the current inflationary pressures have slowed down, the economic downturn in the situation, the central bank began fine-tuning monetary policy September 15th, the central bank announced that it decided to cut the RMB lending benchmark interest rate and the RMB deposit reserve rate of small and medium financial institutions, the central bank for the first time in 6 years to cut interest rates. Experts say the move means that the central bank is fine-tuning its monetary policy as the current inflationary pressure slows and the economy declines. Even experts said that China's future monetary policy still has more room for relaxation, China will enter the interest rate cycle. , the central bank said the move is to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the deployment of the second half of the economic work, to solve the existing problems in the current economic operation, the implementation of the distinction, maintain pressure, structural optimization principles, maintain steady and rapid economic development. aims to prevent economic downturn according to the notice, from September 16th onwards, lowered the benchmark one-year yuan lending rate 0.27 percentage points, other period grade benchmark interest rate loans in accordance with the adjusted number of short-term and long-term adjustment principle of adjust the benchmark deposit rate unchanged. from September 25th onwards, in addition to the industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, construction bank, Chinese bank, Bank of communications, the postal savings bank not to cut out other deposit taking financial institutions RMB deposit reserve ratio by 1 percentage points, Wenchuan earthquake disaster area corporate financial institutions deposit reserve ratio by two percentage points. , deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Securities Institute of Renmin University of China Zhao Xijun told reporters, mainly for two aspects: one is the background of the international financial market situation changes, and the domestic economy which is the core issue of domestic economic growth fell, 4 consecutive months of decline in CPI; the two is some enterprises affected by the international in financial markets, financing and production difficulties have emerged, especially in the south of the enterprises a lot of pressure. Under the tight monetary policy, these enterprises have to resort to non-standard financing methods, making the PPI higher originally, thus increasing the financial costs of enterprises. "In such a macro context, monetary policy needs fine-tuning and increasing flexibility," says Zhao Xijun. The central bank's move is structural adjustment from the perspective of addressing liquidity deficiencies. But that's not to say that China's economy is in recession and that it needs to stimulate investment. Zhao Xijun believes that because of the need to stimulate investment, it is necessary to adjust the long-term benchmark lending rate, while the central bank adjusted the benchmark interest rate of RMB loans this timeAdidas after signing the Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin, officially started as the superstar launched exclusive boots to build a new 2 speed Crazyquick Low, and with Jeremy Lin in the game with. This time, Jeremy Lin also immediately shoot for Adidas in a series of advertisements and promotional video, see Jeremy Lin wear this pair of boots in the new film, show consistently smooth interaction dribbling skills such as fans to declare to join the new adidas family after the weather. Crazyquick 2 Low Crazyquick series of the first low to help work, also stressed the lightweight performance, design and continuation of the series of exclusive fishbone lines, with black as the base, with eye-catching red for embellishment, echoing Jeremy Lin belongs to the Rockets theme. Crazyquick 2 Low equipped with the new QuickWeb and Techfit to extend the upper material with various foot type rhythm design retains the Crazyquick series has always been quick to help other function, low light performance is greatly improved, and create excellent flexibility. Quick Zone the unique structure of the outsole, on foot each block configuration corresponds to the performance, enhance sprint and emergency stop time grip and stability, help the court more unpredictable tricky footwork. There is hot to start the playoffs, Jeremy Lin is wearing a Crazyquick 2 Low race, the same as the Adidas Damian and John Lillard signing Wall, is in high version of the same series. 20140428040727_56.jpg (385.72 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-28 14:36 upload 13984689465982267.jpg (363.67 KB, download number: 64) download 2014-4-28 14:36 upload 20140428040725_47.jpg (125.59 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-28 14:36 upload 20140428040721_22.jpg (128.25 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-28 14:35 upload 20140428040751_86.jpg (164.22 KB, 0