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This post is finally edited by city night people at 14:12 2015-3-17 0.jpg (298.35 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-17 upload at 14:09 1.jpg (229.37 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-17 upload at 14:09 2.jpg (227.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-17 upload at 14:09 3.jpg (235.02 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-17 upload at 14:09 4.jpg (231.35 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-17 upload at 14:09 5.jpg (239.72 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-17 upload at 14:09 6.jpg (224 KB, download times: 0) download the attachment save to album 〉The trend index of Kazuki (Kuraishi Yi Shu) served as Adidas creative director, was born in Tokyo in 1975, Kazuki has worked with adidas for nearly five years, he personally designed many cross-border cooperation brands (such as APE, Fragment, Fenom, Whiz and so on) work, play and participate in creative marketing plan, known as the most important designer of Japanese street style, Kazuki worked with Adidas to create many wonderful cross-border single product list, such as SUPER STAR, copious and fluent, APE SUPER, Tommy Guerrero's SUPER SKATE STAR 35 and aZX NEIGHBORHOOD model etc.. The Adidas Originals by Originals project will launch a series of a total of eight pairs of shoes, cloth, mesh cloth, nylon, leather and so on material in black and white tone showing Kuraishi represents Japanese simple low-key style. to canvas shoes for the tone style VULCANIZED BOOT except in the heel of the shoe, leather, lining and tongue are replaced by breathable mesh pay sporty, leather exposed part of the white or black is careful, increase the shoes of the contour and three-dimensional sense, such as the lace holes you are in a piece of leather shoes dyed cheap air jordans online with the same color rate close to the side of the tongue near the side of the shoe and the exposed side is used inverse color, with a piece of leather on both sides of the different dyeing treatment (and suture alignment) is processed under the impression of rare, the body of the shoe on the canvas is discernible the classic three bar logo is reflective of 3M processing, VULCANIZED BOOT Kazuki in this series is more color, a total of four color black and white, red and blue, even so, in dealing with the minimalist principles, still let people feel A Japanese etiquette and depressing atmosphere. Originals by Originalsrecently online exposure out of the Supreme for the legendary "East Coast Rap emperor Nas launched T-shirts, spy, T-shirt and the Nas Box Logo in classic T-shirt photo taken on 2013. It is reported that the joint series includes eight color matching, will be officially released this autumn and winter. Think of a portrait T shirt Michael Jackson price off, will this be the same height? Agam's name has long been popular, known as the "Agam shoes" of the Nike Cortez shoe is enduring, recently the shoes again released a new color, including leather and nylon two versions, a total of three colors. It is reported that the shoes are priced at 699 yuan, has landed at major stores.United States well-known street brand undefeated in early spring this year with the cooperation of well-known sports brand NIKE's Nike Lunar Force 1 shoes, after the public has been acclaimed in the streets. So this fall and winter quarter sides Fan brand win the release of the following Undefeated x Nike Lunar Force 1 Low help section. Continuation of the original style, the classic red dog bones implement systemic render design. Another flight jacket-inspired places, military green suede material with eye-catching orange inner lining, and to create a series of street shoes weapon. Immediately shoes are on sale at their designa Retro jordans for sale ted stores, interested friends do not miss yo.Business people in alleged counterfeit test one pair of sneakers [Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News "We do not know this is a counterfeit trademark, but that style look good, the price is cheap to purchase." Yesterday afternoon, Qingyuan City of Industry, a joint public security departments directly under the branch in Yiwu International Trade City carry out the "three two" action, focused on investigating all kinds of counterfeit bags, leather goods, shoes and so on. At the same time expressed support for this action, many businesses and residents have suggested the striking range extends to the regular shopping malls and stores. In Yiwu International Trade City, third floor, all kinds of leather goods, bags and shoes are sold, many of them fake LV, Chanel, Paul, Goldlion, Nike and other brands. Compared with authentic, these commodity prices ridiculously low, between tens of dollars to more than hundred. In a luggage store, a variety called "very Paul" man purse, retail prices on signs displayed mostly 629 yuan, but the owner has said the actual retail only 100 yuan. "We are all authorized these packages also have a registered trademark." Law enforcement officers in the inspection process, the owner also took out the relevant information with the inspection. Reporters saw, these data show that the United States is very Paul leather goods brand, is a Hong Kong brand, but the place has a registered trademark in Panyu District of Guangzhou City Southern towns. In this regard, the owner also can not explain. "We do not know these (trademark), while others say the purchase is authorized regular commodity, there is no problem." In another leather shop, the reporter also found LV, Chanel, Goldlion, Cooskin other brands of imitation purse, in addition to the elderly head, seven wolves and other brands of the belt. Wherein a belt sign is displayed as "seven wo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black lves", but the belt with the body, but is displayed as "old head", fake very obvious signs. "We came from Meizhou countryside, do not know they are counterfeit goods, but do not know to sell these violations." A suspected counterfeit Nike shoe store owner reluctantly said that he sold the store is low-grade goods, price between more than ten dollars to tens of dollars, including counterfeit Nike checked. She pointed out that the main low-end commodity Yiwu International Trade City, many of them fake and shoddy goods. However, many shop owners do not know the sales of these counterfeit goods belonging to illegal acts. If you have prior publicity or prohibit manufacturers of these products, they will not sell. "We all know that a lot Yiwu is fake, but the price is low, and many people can accept these fake goods. On the contrary, the big shopping malls counterfeit product is different, the price is high but it's hard to tell." On the day of action scene, a number of people also suggested extending the scope of counterfeiting, investigate some large stores, stores or shopping malls. "That crackdown was more feeling, more influential." Qingyuan than 30 days destroyed 20 dens of making and selling fake involving property discount of about 4.785 million yuan Related reports 19 pm, held in the city of Qingyuan City, "three strikes" Leading Group for the second plenary meeting. Reporters learned from the meeting, Qingyuan City, "three two" action achieved initial results, from February 9 to March 16, Qingyuan city's 268 clues were found, investigated 176; investigating 53 criminal cases, relevant administrative departments settles 149 cases, discipline inspection and supervision departments settles case 7; destroyed four gangs dominate the market 34; destroyed 20 dens of making and selling fake 32; discount of about 4.785 million yuan of property involved. According to Qingyuan dominate the market agains jordan shoes online sale t the special action team leader Chen Haihong, as of March 16, Qingyuan city public security organs destroyed a total of four groups dominate the market, initially uncovered all kinds of criminal cases 19, imitation firearms seized four machetes , iron, steel and other weapons to dominate the market for a large number. Major cases uncovered are: City Public Security Bureau destroyed a clear extortion, criminal gangs extorting protection fees; Yingde POLICE destroy a assault, smashing shop and other means, to the game room, salon, brick, and other market industry protection fee charged criminal gangs, gang members and arrested four people, eight cases detected. Town Deli in Britain successfully destroyed a criminal gang, arresting 18 gang members who dominate the market the initial detection of suspected cases of six. According to statistics, in the fight against fake goods, from February 9 to March 15, the city of Qingyuan Mopai such clues 203, received a report 51, after investigation and verification 166, selling fake goods destroyed 20 dens, and seized a number of fake and shoddy products, the value of involving about 4.595 million yuan. Among them, the evening of March 5, Qingyuan City Tobacco Bureau and the Public Security Bureau in Yingde Wengyuan County at the junction with the dismantling of an illegal tobacco production and processing dens, and seized two storage of tobacco, tobacco stems warehouse and seized a tobacco processing equipment , tobacco seized about 531 bags of 26,500 kg, 498 bags of tobacco stems 24,900 kilograms, preliminary estimates involving the value of 1.7546 million yuan, and arresting five people. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)on the eve of the bustling Chengdu auto show, Mercedes Benz officially introduced to the domestic more fiery AMG 43 series models! AMG 43 series this time, including a total of 8 models, at present, jordans on sale online all 43 levels of products are introduced. See the guidance, plus three letters, "AMG" is not a little heart plop jumping? This is the cheapest AMG! Compared to the AMG C63, AMG C43 is 310 thousand lower than ; compared to AMG, E63 has not yet listed in the domestic market, but with reference to BMW M5 in the domestic 1 million 600 thousand from the sale price, AMG E63 will not be lower than this price, and AMG E43 as long as 980 thousand, at least 620 thousand yuan cheaper; and AMG GLE63 in the country from the sale price to reach 1 million 850 thousand yuan, AMG GLE43 as long as 1 million 38 thousand, cheaper 812 thousand yuan! Does have a heart attack? The threshold for owning a AMG is greatly reduced! and eggs, called the beast to say, AMG 43 series models, is not really a AMG, it is equivalent to the Audi S series, BMW M or Performance ...The first appearance of the AMG 43 series was at the Geneva motor show in 2016, when Mercedes Benz released the AMG C43, which was equipped with a 3.0T V6 engine, this time, Mercedes Benz introduced to the domestic Department of the whole AMG 43, are the use of this engine, just on the AMG E43 carried out re calibration, power output can be 25 horsepower. ran eggs, and if you go to AMG's website, you'll find this weird situation... AMG doesn't have this 3.0T V6 engine at all! called the beast had introduced in the old post, the earliest AMG is in fact a specially converted factory Benz engine. So until today, AMG has maintained a unique tradition that each engine will be assembled manually by a top engineer, whose name is attached to the engine nameplate. , this is AMG's most famous One Man, One Engine - one person, one machine, now, at AMG's engine plant, only more than 50 engineers have the ability to assemble engines. engine is AMG's greatest charm, as in AMG's official website, the introduction of the engine, the page is not simply named engine, but named as the source of power". now AMG engine products, a total of three major categories, five models. in which the 2.0T inline four cylinder engine corresponds to the AMG 45 series models; twin turbo V〉 Chicago footwear brand Cole Haan recently, this brand is quite hot in nowadays has launched a new extremely light show, the overall use of the golden leather crafted, with a strong sense of the British upper carved patterns, in the outer bottom is arranged on the treatment of classic LUNARGRAND shock absorption. In addition to contrast and white collocation embellishment, also will be a very good mix of characteristics of the shoes made on foil. At present, this pair of tyrant gold color of the Cole Haan in Hongkong on the shelves, and men and women shall have the supply, but only limited to 350 pairs, you want to start to pay close attention to. Cole Haan brand tyrant gold color shoesJordan Brand will release Air Jordan 8 new color in the end of the month, and the color inspiration from Air Jordan's classic Cool Grey 11". The color scheme using large gray area coverage, and in the bottom part of the Jumpman Logo white tongue ornament, heel shoes embroidered with 1993 words, highlights that the vamp uses suede to instantly improve the overall texture and add a lot of fashion elements, more suitable for daily wear collocation. shoes will be available at the designated Jordan Brand store in August 26th, the sale price of $$190. Air Jordan 8 "Cool Grey " number: 305381-014 release date: August 26th sale price: $$190 is the low shoes infested! Deep spring , either white shoes or black shoes or small red shoes, low shoe body with ankle or leg pants collocation beam nine pants, can the whole outfit inject vitality highlights, build a fresh and full of positive energy to dress up. have editorial editors on foot, is also a low shoe type in the world! The VaporMax and AirJordan11Low "UNC" are small were the long-awaited heavyweight. The market price close to the people, the high cost of AirJordan4 "Motorsport" is the recent worth of style! North Carolina blue color suction eye effect out of the! Banana pattern socks even Editorial Department of music are very envious... shoes: AirJordan11LowUNC is: Nike Download: UNDEFATEDLast year's RW coach jacket, light and organic energy, is a small series of the love of the coach jacket! VaporMax is recently has been wearing the shoes, the pressure of the road and running are! Bounce this pants is not only tall and straight beam legs, there is also a movement performance is very strong, not sticky hair is very convenient to take care of them. shoes: NikeAirVaporMax T-shirt: MMJ coat: ROARINGWILD camouflage jacket coach Download: Bounce lightweight breathable pants slim password: $JiwjJk00Y8 $ Amoy color value and comfort are further improved, the new NMDR2 debut, in small eyes have low score! shoes: NMDR2 Download: OBSERVER password: $A6oGJk0IUq $ Amoy waited so long to have such a good market price! AJ4 white and blue will enter index is out! ROARINGWILD device with beam leg pants, wide leg pants in the version on the details of the deal and fine, good drape texture! small than the trouser legs into socks, have close pants but pack device, can control the elastic. shoes: AirJordan4Motorsports : ROARINGWILD thin coat jacket coach Download: ROARINGWILD password: $XAEIJkb2l4 $ AmoyThe grey color rainbow tongue before FlyknitRacer, the NODOT coach jacket thin and comfortable, has been sold out. also from NODOT beam leg pants, using custom materials to create anti splash 〉The Jordan brand for the summer to create exclusive Air Jordan 5 Fire & Ice is a lot of shoes, many things, but today the network once again released the blue suede pornographic. This section selects the superior texture of blue suede for the production of raw materials, supplemented by black dotted white shark teeth in bottom, tongue still retain 3M reflective set eye-catching, finally equipped with transparent rubber outsole has. item: 136021-401 game-royal-air-jordan-5-blue-suede-6.jpg (283.53 KB, download number: 8) download Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede re exposure 2017-5-10 08:49 upload game-royal-air-jordan-5-blue-suede-7.jpg (273.14 KB, download number: 9) download Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede re exposure 2017-5-10 08:49 upload game-royal-air-jordan-5-blue-suede.jpg (911.47 KB, download number: 9) download Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede re exposure 2017-5-10 08:49 upload game-royal-air-jordan-5-blue-suede-5.jpg (786.46 KB, download number: 10) download Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede re exposure 2017-5-10 08:49 upload game-royal-air-jordan-5-blue-suede-4.jpg (902.65 KB, download number: 10) download Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede re exposure 2017-5-10 08:49 upload game-royal-air-jordan-5-blue-suede-2.jpg (693.75 KB, download number: 9) download the attachment 0Adidas's +0- series for the 2014 Winter quarter recently added this pair of new Rocket Boost Sneakerboot. On the mixed shoes and boots with contour in outdoor, making shoes with brown high-grade leather material, from inside to heel into the blue, yellow with PrimaLoft material to ensure comfort, details including punching three bars, 3M, metal reflective material with white lace holes and wave blue shoes, also equipped with white Boost midsole and rubber outsole and slip. release date: October 24thPrice: adidas-rocket-boost-hc- o-1.jpg (104.58 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Rocket Boost HC +o- 2014-10-24 11:13 upload adidas-rocket-boost-hc- o-2.jpg (211.32 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Rocket Boost HC +o- 2014-10-24 11:13 upload adidas-rocket-boost-hc- o-3.jpg (266.1 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Rocket Boost HC +o- 2014-10-24 11:13 upload Adidas 00