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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Foreign media said, just recently, Nike also can open new stores in China, waiting for the emerging middle-class consumers flock to shopping. But this day is gone. Although already entered the Chinese market 30 years, this world's largest sporting goods manufacturer Adidas being more fashionable street wear and H & amp; M company cheap fashion stole the original customer. Worse Nike troubled inventory backlog, because the company had expected after the Olympic Games will be a surge in sales did not come true. reported that a year and a half ago, when Nike is flourishing in the Chinese market, the company expects to achieve annual sales to double in four years, reaching $ 4 billion. Today, Nike has said that sales in China are likely to continue to decline in the next two quarters, which will be five consecutive quarters of decline. ? Camilo Leon, an analyst in New York, said: "As a retailer, you have to become smarter now, more consumer education, and more globalized and everyone was forced to change. even more acute. " reported that, so far, Nike has faced challenges in China did not cause investors to panic, because sales growth in North America remains strong. Over the past year, the company's revenue in North America increased by 18%. Nike executives blamed the decline in sales in China, China's economic slowdown and changing consumer tastes. Nike spokesman Mary? Leimu Xi said the company still believes in its strategy to explore the tremendous growth potential of China is correct. Last fiscal year, sales in China accounted for only 9.6 percent of global sales of Nike, but the profits China region accounted for 25% of the world. However, Nike's growth momentum disappeared, inventories began to increase. Adidas also suffered the same problem, but the company cheap air jordans earlier taken up to the strategy than Nike, to clear inventory. The summer of 2012, Nike stock grew significantly faster than sales growth. In the previous fiscal year ended May 31, 2013, the revenue of China fell 5 percent to $ 2.45 billion, while China National Retail sales have increased by 10%. Nike has said that Nike clothing size could not meet consumer demand for more self-style. When Nike's brand strength is strong enough to be able to change a product, if there is the right size is not so important. ? New York Securities analyst Faye Landes, said: "At the time, the demand is very strong for Nike apparel, business is good," so the size of the issue is not important, "Today, executives realized that they still have to improve space. " German-based Adidas NEO brand launched in China, which is aimed at young brand, to seek between sportswear and fast fashion to take a middle road. China has become the largest market for the brand NEO. Shanghai Rui business consulting firm before Luhai Rui, general manager, said: "Adidas has with its understanding of Chinese consumers ahead of the competition by a mile Adidas learn how to make fashion and sports meet consumer demand for integration.." 20-year-old Shanghai student Eric? Yang said, compared to Nike, Adidas, he prefers, because the Adidas goods more affordable. He said: "Out of our school, Nike and Adidas discount stores on the other side next to the Adidas store is always crowded, but not many people have the Nike store.." reported that many Chinese young people are subjected to relatively cheap fast fashion attraction. 18-year-old Zhejiang girl had often wear Nike and Adidas, but few now wear a sportswear. She said: "when young, you do not care what their parents to buy what you wear but older then, to make their own choice, Nike and Adidas for me a little expensive.." reported th air jordan 11 space jam for sale at, in a rapidly changing society, Nike's marketing strategy is also facing obstacles. The company is still using sport athlete to spread the idea that anyone can succeed - in today's China, this approach increasingly difficult to achieve, because Chinese parents are bringing unprecedented attention on the books rather than basketball or Tennis on. In contrast, the previously immutable Adidas sports concept turned into focus on fashion and lifestyle concept. With Nike's difficult to regain lost ground in China, which is gradually reduced inventory, product updates and change in marketing strategy. May 2013, the company replaced the general manager of China. Nike Chief Financial Officer Donald? Blair said during a conference call on June 27, sales of the company's largest retail partner in China is growing, it is a encouraging sign. He said: "Nevertheless, we still have much work to do." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT) tidal current Godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara recently frequent activities and earlier have been for you bring joint series launched the pool to and AMKK and UNDERCOVER, but at times he to fragment design and Japan another fashion brand toga menswear line toga VIRILIS launched new joint series, will be launched this year hot fashion souvenir jacket, sweater, T-shirt. Souvenir jacket with black, white dichromatic open reminder, and coat pattern to embroidery method show that black chest with fragment design sign of pattern of lightning, and white coat chest is embroidered pattern of Fuji plus "toga" Japanese Pinyin, behind a rich traditional Japanese style eagle logo. Sweater and T-Shirt in front of and behind the lightning pattern, plus Fuji pattern to show the two brands of joint. The clothing will be available for sale at Harajuku Store the and POOL Aoya Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ma TOGA on March 5th, priced from 8000 to 88000 yen.Skech ( Skechers ), English name from South California slang, meaning " do not sit on the young man, " Skech ( Skechers ) for the pursuit of fashion, personality of young people, and provide varied shapes, colorful sports shoes and children's shoes. Skech ( Skechers ) by industry observers as the United States market in addition to Nike ( Nike ) the only other one has over $1000000000 worth of brand casual shoes.Skech ( Skechers ) launched a series of toning shoes market, namely by many Hollywood stars and pursued, Christina Aguilera ( Christina Aguilera ), Kim Kardashian ( Kim Kardashian ), Sammi Cheng ( Sammi ), the idol star for Russ Cage ( Skechers ) done speak. Skech ( Skechers ) toning shoes designed for the busy, no time to exercise the urban white-collar provides a convenient way to fitness, its design concept is by changing the walking the way to improve life, Skech ( Skechers ), soft power, with unique design wedges and sole, let you walk in the city like walking on the beach.Skech ( Skechers ) brand story:In 1992, Robert greenber and Michael greenber & Sons in American California beach Manhattan founded Skech ( Skechers ) brand, start at the beginning of the company only engaged in special practical boots ( used for police and forestry staff ) and suede skate shoes. In several years, Skech ( Skechers ) is to achieve a diversified business, products cover a variety of shoes.1999 Skech ( Skechers ) the company successfully listed, only two years its sales reached 1000000000 U.S. dollars, and continued rapid growth, become the world's fourth largest brand casual shoes; 2002, in all women, Skech ( Skechers ) was the first sales.Today, Skech ( Skechers ) not only in the country has more than 25000 sales, the sales network has spread all over the world more than 50 countries, in Australia, Cheap air jordans for sale Britain, France, New Zealand, Hongkong, Spain, Singapore, japan ... ... You can see Si Kaiqi ( Skechers ) fashion footprint.Skech ( Skechers ) brand archives:Chinese Name: SkechEnglish Name: SkechersCountry: USACreate time: 1992Product type: sports shoes[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] looked at a shopping mall in the street price of 839 yuan in the Nike counters female limited edition basketball shoes, but you spend 839 yuan to buy do not go. If you want to buy this limited edition female basketball shoes, you have to buy double the price for the 699 male version of basketball shoes, were forced into a consumer 839 yuan 1538 yuan, "the female consumers can not buy men's wear ah? "Sales staff said," you can buy back give it away! " broke the news: a pair of shoes encounter "tie" would like to start with the price of 839 yuan a limited edition female shoes, I had to buy a $ 699 pair of basketball shoes male version of the job, Ms. Lee in Shenyang yesterday when shopping encountered such a "cow" shop. Lee introduced himself likes to collect basketball shoes, Nike counters in the street in a store saw a pair of limited edition basketball shoes, "This pair of shoes before seen in a magazine, because it is a limited edition, so special to buy one pair of souvenirs. " Lee took the beloved limited edition basketball shoes put it down, "the price of 839 yuan, is not particularly expensive, they decided to buy." Ms. Lee said, just before the payment, the sales staff said to her, "If you want Buy these shoes, you must have the price of 699 yuan to buy another pair of male version of basketball shoes. " Ms. Lee did not understand the sales staff, "do not buy can not I? 'Sales staff firmly said," to buy limited edition basketball shoes, must have to buy a pair of shoes specified. "Lee Forget look, a pair of 839 yuan a female version of basketball shoes, need to spend 1,538 yuan to buy a home. Ms. Lee had to feel worthwhile disappointed. Survey: Limited shoes not only sell Yesterday, the reporter went to Nike counters, to consumers who are ready to buy Lee favorite basketball shoes, pointing to sales staff stand beside basketball shoes billboards said, "not to sell limited edition basketball shoes. "And in basketball shoes on billboards beside clearly states," limited portfolio sales (not retail). " Subsequently, the reporter at the bottom of the female limited edition basketball shoes men see the need to buy basketball shoes, found that only two models to choose from. "It's the male version of basketball shoes as a female consumer, I do not need ah!" The reporter asked the sales staff. Sales staff, told reporters, "You can buy back away." CASE: illegal consumption bundle Yesterday, the reporter linked to Nike headquarters, the staff said, "Nike does not provide all the products had to be forced to buy such a situation individual behavior is auto." Liaoning Province Consumers Association of Civil Rights Commissioner He said sales this Nike store is bundled consumption, it is illegal. "It belongs to a disguised form of hard sell, other than price, the merchant has no power to require the consumer to pay for other expenses and then additional consumer should be established on the basis of fair and honest, consumers can call 12315 complaints, in order to safeguard their legitimate interests. " Beijing Pacific Century (Shenyang) lawyer Chen Hao said, "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" stipulates that the operator shall not violate the wishes of consumers tying products or attach other unreasonable conditions; provide for optional services You must obtain prior consent of the consumer. "Merchant bundled consumption, so that consumers additional spending in the last resort, against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, in accordance with the law, in violation of the law of the seller shall be ordered to correct the administrative department for industry and commerce may impose a 200 yuan, according to circumstances The following fines "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)as the master Wei Memphis, presumably Mike · Conley player buddies know. Especially the super large contract signed last summer in 5 years in 153 million, and was signed as Conley's star and Jordan Brand. Conley contract surprised a lot of people into the free market, Conley plus NBA salary cap soaring, and his performance data and just let him get the maximum salary contract. The Grizzlies also willing to give such a contract to Conley, boss is willing to give, not to say what consensual. recently Conley drying out in the online version of the PSNY three X Air Jordan 12, three color respectively represents Milan, Paris and New York three city. This shoe maintains the classic modelling of Air Jordan 12, still use high quality arenaceous leather material on leather, show with wheat yellow, olive green and purplish red three kinds of colors show. shoes are made of solid color, which fully demonstrates the luxury of the shoes. Also equipped with "Public School" words, tags presented, highlighting their special identity. In addition, the shoes will texture and leisure elements of the perfect integration of two, really is not enough to ditch. these three color matching PSNY x Air Jordan 12 in June 28th by Nike SNKRS limited sale, domestic friends estimate only through other channels to get this kind of shoes. The adidas Originals NMD family is another popular member City Sock, the exposure of the new version of CS2 in May last year, last month by three and KITH and NAKED joint version of buzz in the circle of hot topic, the day before the network has a pair of ordinary version of the White/Core Black color flow, or is a signal CS2 color design to usher in big wave. The new shoes are still using Primeknit for socks shoes, while using the asymmetric design of folding in the outer side of the shoe, and the collar of the shoe position with black stripes of decorative details, equipped with a shoe and finally sign the bottom in BOOST show. However, at present, there is no specific information on the sale of these shoes. Jordan Brand once again for the new hybrid Air Jordan Flight Future shoes, Remix launched a new color version (by Air Jordan V, Air Jordan XV and Air Jordan XX2 hybridization). The shoe body with black main colors match white midsole and grey tongue / heel, details studded with pink and orange with ice blue crystal outsole. In October 22nd officially added to 679680-081. number: 679680-081release date: 10/22/14price: $160 we never care about the news, you look at the end, there are endless micro-blog WeChat search, DUNKHOME, press carry shoes whenever and wherever possible. Source: sneakernewspreviously rumored Air Jordan 8 "Cool Grey" today identified the launch date, which will be launched in June. This pair of Air Jordan 8, "Cool Grey" uppers of large areas of gray, gray slightly different, with the matte machine leather material texture, style low-key, introverted, at the bottom of the white detail. It is reported that, Air Jordan 8 "Cool Grey" will be available in June 20th, priced at $190, number: 305381-014. as an important member of this year's Air Max Day offering program, the white red Nike Air Max 1 OG "Anniversary" has been included in the list of many SNEAKER enthusiasts must chop hand list. But before you get started, let's look at its remarkable foot effect!